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Extra virgin olive oil boasts the health benefits of reducing heart problems and bad cholesterol, anti-inflammatory properties, metabolic benefits, mental agility, and maintaining healthier skin. It is our go-to ingredient in the kitchen. Drizzle our black truffle olive oil over your sausage pizza, combine basil olive oil with tomatoes and red onion for a marinated salad, toss sun-dried tomato & parmesan garlic olive oil with asparagus before roasting, bake blood orange olive oil brownies, or marinade your chicken in cumin olive oil and garlic cilantro vinegar before grilling.


Balsamic vinegar has long been known for its health benefits such as increasing immunity, aiding with digestion, weight management, blood sugar regulation, and blood circulation. We love it because it tastes spectacular! Discover the following uses: try any of our balsamic vinegars to dip bread in, choose white butter pecan cherry vinegar as a delicious vinaigrette for your salad, add pineapple vinegar to sweeten your morning smoothie, drizzle caramel and chocolate vinegar over your favorite dessert, or use our white honey ginger vinegar on your homemade granola.


In addition to premium quality oils and vinegars, we also offer a broad selection of gourmet salts and spices. Use our Smoked Bourbon Barrel Salt to top caramel treats, our Black Hawaiian Lava Sea Salt is a great addition to corn on the cob, our smoked salts on the rim of your next mixed drink, or our delicate Lemon Cyprus Flake Sea Salt provides the perfect finish for fish. Our spice collection is a range of some of the most popular blends from around the world. You can find Za’atar (Israel), Tempero Baiano (Brazil), Ras El Hanout (Morocco), Berbere (Africa), and other blends from Asia to the Caribbean. We also carry a selection of gourmet peppercorns and bread dipping seasonings.

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