Group Of Young People Enjoying Outdoor Summer MealDid you know that May 9th is National Foodies Day? Now that you know, you can plan to celebrate! And why not? It’s always a good time to find any excuse to have something delicious to eat.

So, what’s a foodie? Really, anyone can call themselves a “foodie.” If you have a passion for eating great meals, love to try new recipes, and care about quality ingredients, that term applies to you. People who prefer to avoid mindless eating, and convenient prepackaged meals as much as possible are foodies. If you’re at home exploring great new restaurants, specialty food stores, want to learn the basics of cooking and get excited to try new dishes then you’re in good company! We’re foodies, too.

So, how to celebrate? We’re glad you asked. We recommend doing any or all the following for National Foodie Day:

  • Go out for that great, gourmet meal you’ve been wanting to experience
  • Schedule a cooking class, or tasting with wine, cheese, or chocolate and experts to teach you more
  • Pick up a wonderful treat, be it a dessert, specialty coffee, or some other new food
  • Vow to slow down, savor and mindfully enjoy your meals for the day
  • Take a little time to prepare a special meal or dish for a friend or loved one
  • Try to choose local and sustainable eating for the day
  • Visit a specialty shop with new gourmet ingredients you’ve been wanting to try

Sounds delicious, right? We invite you to celebrate National Foodies Day with us this year. Stop by for ingredients, call us for a chat, or book a special tasting at Oil & Vinegar Junction, in Park City.

We love food, and we look forward to sharing with you!