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All over America, French fries can be found on restaurant menus, from small town burger joints to fast food chains, trendy micro breweries, and of course our homes. This garlic fry seasoning will give your fries just the right character.

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Flavor Profile: salty with a smooth roasted garlic flavor with a hint of mild heat from the freshly ground white pepper

In Europe, there has been a long feud between the Belgians and the French as to who created the original fry. Naturally, the Belgians claim that fries originated in their country, where along the River Meuse the villagers traditionally fried the fish they caught. During the coldest parts of winter, the river would freeze over, so the villagers would instead fry potatoes. Now, of course, the French tell a different story. After all, they are called French fries. During the 1780s street vendors on Paris’ Pont Neuf (the oldest standing bridge across the river Seine) first began selling these to the locals and visitors from other countries.

Yet another tale has fries actually being invented by the Spanish. After all, it was the Spanish conquistadors who brought the first potatoes back from South America. The first written mention of cooked potatoes dates back to a 1553 memoir that describes the Incas boiling their potatoes which gave them a flavor reminiscent of warm chestnuts. The Spanish cuisine at the time did a good deal of frying in oil, so it is quite possible that they fried the first potatoes although they would not resemble the fries that we know today.

Thomas Jefferson, some have taken to calling him America’s first foodie, is believed to have introduced the French fry to our country. He first tasted them when he was the American Minister in France during the late 1780s. Jefferson’s handwritten family cookbooks contained what would later become American favorites such as macaroni and cheese, vanilla ice cream and pommes de terre frites cru en petites tranches (which translates to ‘potatoes deep-fried while raw, in small cuttings’).

1/2 cup | 3.3 oz

Ingredients:hand blended from roasted garlic, sea salt, onion and white pepper


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