Fennel Saffron Sea Salt


Pacific Sea Salt is infused with saffron threads and fennel seeds, creating a sweet yet musky flavor. Two rich, aromatic ingredients come together to form a unique, fragrant salt that smells as heavenly as it tastes!

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Saffron is held in high regard among spice connoisseurs because of its distinctive, highly unique flavor, but the amount of labor required to produce Saffron makes it so expensive that it is sometimes worth more than gold. Saffron threads are the dried stigmas of the saffron flower, and because each flower only contains three stigmas, it takes more than 75,000 flowers to produce a single pound of Saffron Threads, all of which must be harvested by hand.

Flavor profile: sweet, anise-like flavor of fennel contrasts the musky, floral flavor of saffron

Use as an all-purpose salt to transform dishes like Spanish Rice, risottos, fish soups, and paella.

4 oz, Fine grain, Kosher, natural white with whole fennel seeds and saffron threads

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Fennel Seeds, Saffron Threads


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