Grains of Paradise


Grains of Paradise are perfect to flavor chicken, couscous, fish, grilled lamb, okra, pickling mixtures, pumpkin, rice, soups and stews. In the US it is gaining popularity when ground into dipping sauces or rubbed on chicken, steaks and hamburgers before grilling.

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The earliest written record of the plant occurred in 1214 AD with several medical prescriptions from physicians in places as diverse as Nicosia (the largest city on the island of Cyprus), Lyons (in modern day France), Rome and Wales (in modern day Great Britain). In 1469 King Afonso V of Portugal granted Ferno Gomes, a Lisbon merchant and explorer, a monopoly of trade in the Gulf of Guinea. This allowed Gomes to control the market, on what he called guinea pepper, being imported into Europe (primarily into France, Italy and Portugal) as a popular, less expensive substitution for black peppercorns from the east. Queen Elizabeth I of England (who ruled from 1558-1603) was said to flavor her Beer with Grains of Paradise. The Grains of Paradise trade became so strong that the African coastline just north of the Ivory Coast became known as the Grain Coast. In 1498 the sea route from Europe to the Indian Ocean, around the Cape of Good Hope, was pioneered by the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama. This made the East and its wealth of spices, including black peppercorns, less expensive and more readily available. The European market for Grains of Paradise soon all but disappeared. Until recently Grains of Paradise has remained a minor spice outside of West Africa. Long used in Middle Eastern, North and West African cuisines, this spice is once again gaining in popularity throughout other regions of the world.

Flavor Profile: a peppery, pungent flavor with bitter fruity notes and a slight aroma that is similar to cardamom and clove. Similar but more flavorful than black pepper.

4 oz spice jar w/grinder

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