Green Peppercorns


Green Peppercorns offers a mild option for chicken, eggs, fish, pork, salads, soup, strawberries, and tomatoes.

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Green Peppercorns have a pleasant delectable quality that has made this a sought after gourmet pepper. The process of producing these Green Peppercorns begins with the picking of the immature green fruits from the same vine that produces the popular black peppercorn. These unripened peppercorns are then placed in boiling water, treated with a potassium sulphite, and then they are either dehydrated or frozen. The sulfite is an oxidase inhibitor that prevents the blackening from oxidation that is normally catalyzed by that enzyme.

Flavor Profile: milder in flavor and bite than the more common black peppercorns

4 oz spice jar w/grinder

Ingredients:Green Peppercorns


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