Infusing Flavors


Are you looking for creative, easy ways to add something extra special to your table? Create teas, tisanes, bitters, liqueurs, aguas frescas, waters, vinegars, oils, gastriques,shrubs, ice creams, soft drinks, and more by learning which ingredients pair well together to make sweet and savory dishes spectacular.

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From ginger-scallion-infused broth to lavender-lemon-infused syrup for sorbet, Infusing Flavors provides inspiration and tips on how to use homegrown herbs and create wonderful flavor combinations. Think about sipping on your very own orange-clove infused cup of tea or lavender soda. Recipes include truffled potato gratin, grilled eggplant salad with fig-infused balsamic vinaigrette, halibut tostada with melon salsa, braised short ribs, pan-seared duck breast and so much more!

Flexibound, 176 pages