La Favorita Pesto Genovese


The perfect blend of olive oil, cashews, pine nuts, and basil from Liguria, this pesto embodies the full flavor of Italy. Add this pesto to pasta, pizza, sandwiches, scrambled eggs, or spread atop goat cheese on a crostini to create a fancy appetizer. The uses for this pesto are endless, and you will be surprised by how often you are adding this pesto to dishes for a fresh, new flavor.

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Create a fancy appetizer plate with freshly baked bread topped with this pest, or add it to pizza for fresh new flavor.

La Favorita offers an amazing line of specialties. All of the pestos and sauces are made of the finest quality ingredients and are 100% natural (no preservatives).

4.5 oz

Ingredients:Olive Oil, Cashews, Basilico Genovese, Basil (22%), Sea Salt, Pine Nuts, Contains Tree Nuts