42207938_MHave you developed a taste for good extra virgin olive oil? Many people love to cook with olive oil, or just drizzle it over crusty bread or a great salad. It’s a favorite of nutritionists, passionate foodies, and many home cooks. But do you know how to choose the right olive oil?

Choosing a good olive oil doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are three things to know, that will make all of your dishes taste better.

It doesn’t get better with age. The flavor of the oil will change over time. A good olive oil has a complex flavor profiles, with layers of both fruitiness and bitterness. Older oils will lose that complexity, leaving you without a balanced taste and less flavor. Just because the oil hasn’t gone off completely, doesn’t mean it will still taste good. That’s why you want to buy the freshest olive oil you can get, and use it up.

Check your sources. It doesn’t hurt to do a little checking to find the best sources of olive oil. You definitely want to read the label, and check the fine print. In general, you want to look for olive oil sourced from a single location, and go for “extra-virgin” olive oil to be sure that you’re getting a product free of chemicals and not treated with heat. (If you don’t know what to buy, be sure to ask us!)

Hit the bottle. (Well, not literally.) While you’re reading the label, make note of how the olive oil is packaged. You want to avoid oils exposed to light and heat, so you’re going to want to choose extra virgin olive oil packaged in a dark glass, or even a metal container.

Stop in and see us and we’ll help you select the perfect olive oil for your recipe needs.