37128809 - dark chocolate chunks in wooden bowl, on oak tableDo you love chocolate? We do. We’re passionate about good food, and lately we’ve been loving chocolate — white, milk and dark. Do you know what the difference is, and how to best enjoy each? Here’s what you need to know!

Let’s start with the basics. All chocolate is made from cocoa. The difference comes down to how the chocolate is produced, and recipe used. Read on for the basics on each type, and how to choose a high-quality chocolate.

White Chocolate: This variety of chocolate isn’t exactly chocolate. It’s made from cocoa butter, instead of the cocoa beans that go into both milk and dark chocolates. It’s flavored with (depending on the recipe of the chocolatier) milk, cream, sugar, and sometimes vanilla. To choose a good quality white chocolate, you’ll want to look for one that is more ivory in color than white. Why? Lesser quality white chocolate is often made with supplemental vegetable oils, fats, and food coloring.

Milk Chocolate: This one is popular for a reason — it’s the classic many of us grew up with. It’s produced with what’s often called “coca solids” from cocoa beans that have been mixed with milk and chocolate liquor, with sugar added. The mix of the proportions will determine the mouth feel, or how creamy the chocolate tastes. How you choose a good quality milk chocolate will come down to your taste preferences, but we’d recommend staying away from added oils, and checking into how the chocolate was processed when possible.

Dark Chocolate: Over the last decade, dark chocolate has had more than a moment. It’s been promoted as a health food, and branded as the “grown up” chocolate because it’s less sweet and made with more cocoa. Dark chocolate is made with a higher proportion of cocoa solids that can range anywhere from 30 to 80 percent of the finished product. That can make it a healthier option for people who aren’t a fan of too much added sugar, or who prefer a less sweet (and possibly more bitter) taste. It also mixes well with unexpected ingredients, such as peppers or salt, to produce a more complex flavor profile.

Still not sure how to choose, or just want to try something new? We invite you to stop by Oil and Vinegar Junction in Park City, and learn more! We have a passion for great, quality foods — and we love sharing with friends, family and loved ones.